working moms

Who We Are

SAHM Jobs Center was born out of a need of identifying jobs that meet the needs of stay at home moms. We focus on finding legitimate opportunities for working moms all over the United States.

Whether you want part-time employment, full-time employment, or just something with flexible hours, SAHM Jobs Center has your back.

Our goal is to help you succeed with your career ambitions, either inside or outside the home.  We have more than a decade of experience in the work-from-home industry, including remote jobs.

If you’re a mom who is ready to jump back into the workforce, then let us be your guide.

Shawna Newman, MBA

Career Coach & Editor-in-Chief

Shawna got her start working from home in 2007, after working for corporations such as Nissan USA and Warner Bros.

Henley Griffin, MBA

Career Coach & Co-Editor

Henley has been earning a full-time income online since 2009, including as a bestselling author at Amazon.

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